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Ghost Stories

These stories are actual documented, accounts of ghostly phenomena that occurred in Burleson House from October 2011 to the present day.


Old Lady on the Swing

The presence of an old gray-haired lady is often felt and seen sitting on the porch swing, (as it deliberately sways back and forth with purpose) even though there is absolutely no wind in sight. Some believe she is May Ward Burleson, the original matriarch of the home, while others perceive her as May's daughter, (Thelma Burleson), who was the last known Burleson to reside on the property. Several family members in the home have witnessed the physical manifestation of the gray-haired lady on numerous occasions. Thelma and her brother, T.E. Burleson took over the Burleson Honey Company after their father, T.W. Burleson, died in 1944. It was said that he was crossing the street to visit an ailing neighbor when he was hit by an automobile. At the time of her father’s death, Thelma Burleson reportedly received no funds from his estate.

There are several ghosts wandering about Burleson House and Ms. Thelma is, by far, the most intriguing. She is often seen sitting on the swing outside the front porch. Many times, the swing would rock swiftly back and forth as though someone was sitting in it, but there is clearly no one there. The wind chimes will chime simultaneously when there is absolutely no wind blowing outside to cause either to sway rapidly back and forth. Seeing these things do not frighten the family in the least. In fact, they seem to be comforted by her presence. When she appears on the swing, it is usually during the late evening hours while the owner, Mrs. Quintero relaxes on the living room couch. But, there are other times when she surfaces with no rhyme or reason. Ms. Thelma's ghost appears to be a gentle, old soul who simply enjoys visiting her old home that she left behind from time to time.

Mr. Quintero also saw her once sitting in the living room chair as he passed the entryway to the living room, while heading in the direction of the kitchen. He described her as a tiny framed, white-haired elderly lady sitting there seemingly unaware of anything else around her. The Owners' daughter even saw her on several occasions and attempted to communicate with her, but to no avail. She believes Ms. Thelma is a residual ghost because there is no interaction and she appears to be completely unaware of the happenings around her. Regardless, the family often finds themselves talking to her when strange things occur, as though she was a "real" member of the family. There are times when the swing moves rapidly back and forth and the Owner's daughter would simply say so matter-of-factly, “There’s Ms. Thelma.” No matter how often her warm, kind presence is felt, the family graciously welcomes her visits with enthusiasm and respect. 

Please take a look at the video below of the porch swing moving on its own, when there was absolutely no wind in sight. The incident is always accompanied by the swift swaying of wind chimes and flickering lights that are also positioned around the porch. 

Video of Old Lady on Swing

Woman in Distress (The Screaming Lady)

There is a young female presence often felt in the upstairs master bedroom and adjacent living area. She is extremely attractive with dark, shoulder-length hair similar in style to the way women wore their hair in the sixties. She always appears to be in distress, as though she is frantically in search of something. She is believed to be the same presence that the Owner frequently felt standing over her as she slept. The Woman in Distress is also believed to be the entity that awakened the Owner from a deep sleep one night to urge her to wake up, by whispering frantically three times  in her ear the words, "Go check on your daughter."  When the Owner reluctantly forced herself to awaken and go to her daughter's room, she quickly learned that her diabetic child's glucose level had dropped so low in the night that she may not have awakened the next morning. If it had not been for the insistence of the female ghost, the Owner's daughter may not be alive today. 

There was another time when the Owners were sleeping in the master bedroom upstairs and they were both awakened around 3:00am to the frantic sound of a woman screaming for help. The screams were so palpable that they both leaped out of bed and ran to the windows to figure out where the cries were coming from. As they peered through the blinds, they clearly heard the screams again. The woman sounded as though she was in severe agony and pain. Mr. Quintero hurriedly slipped on his pants, and rushed downstairs out the front door and onto the front lawn. He looked all around the house and down the street, but there was no one in sight. The Owners even called the police department to investigate the matter. But, when the police arrived and searched the premises and neighboring homes, there was no evidence to support that a woman was in any danger in the area. They even drove around the neighborhood shining their bright lights into the windows of homes in an effort to locate a perpetrator on the loose and a female victim in distress, but to no avail.

After all the commotion ended, the Quinteros finally decided to retire again for the evening. As they sat there for a moment processing everything that happened, they could not help but wonder if the sounds they heard actually came from a living being. There were no lights turning on from the neighbors and no one walking outside to see what all the commotion was about. Yet, the woman screamed loud enough to wake the dead. So, how is it possible that no one else heard her cries for help except them? That was a defining moment of realization for the Owners. Perhaps they hadn’t actually heard a real woman crying for help after all. Instead, what if what they really heard came from the female ghost in distress? Maybe screaming at the top of her lungs was the only way she could make her presence known. Well, without question, she definitely succeeded and they got the message loud and clear. 

The photo on the left is the infamous photo later dubbed "The Madonna of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery" that was taken by Jude Huff-Felz of the Ghost Research Society in 1991. The ghostly apparition is of a lonely woman sitting on a tombstone...clearly appearing as another Woman in Distress.

Locked Out

Once, the Owner of Burleson House was convinced that he was being deliberately locked out of the home by one of its mischievous ghosts. Every time he would step outside on the front porch, he would always leave the front door ajar, so that he could return. But, without fail, whenever he would turn the door knob to enter the house, the deadbolt would be completely locked, as though someone had intentionally turned the lock. So, in an effort to validate that he was not crazy, he asked his wife to stand by the door as he walked outside to test his theory that he was being pranked by a ghost. 

She opened and closed the heavy door multiple times, so that the door would slam shut. The lock never flipped to the locked position. She then replied, "See, nothing happened." Then her husband decided to step farther away from the door, while closely keeping an eye on his wife and the door. During that brief moment, his wife continued to glance at him, as she periodically kept a close watch on the deadbolt, which had not moved at all. 

A few seconds later, her husband approached the door and grabbed the handle to turn it, only to realize that he was locked out yet again. His wife quickly glanced back at the deadbolt and noticed that it had flipped to the lock position right before her eyes and she never saw it happen. "No way!" she gasped. "I've been standing here the entire time! I didn't even hear the latch lock." Her husband simply replied with confidence and a chuckle, "See, I told you. Whoever it is, doesn't want me here." He later came to surmise that every time the naughty spirit locked him out of the home, it was always right after he had a disagreement with his wife. So, I suppose this particular ghost favored the lady of the house. 

Phantom Footsteps

One of the first experiences the Owners encountered in Burleson House was on an afternoon not long after they moved in. Mrs. Quintero was unpacking boxes stacked from wall to wall throughout the downstairs sitting room, which the family refers to as the “window room" because it is encased with massive windows all around. She and her daughter were having a conversation in the kitchen, and as they continued to talk, they exited the kitchen area and entered the dining room through an adjourning doorway that eventually led them to the window room.

After a long moment of silence and the realization that she hadn’t heard her daughter’s voice in quite some time, the Owner figured her daughter must be preoccupied texting on her cell phone, as most teenagers typically do. But, she disregarded it and proceeded to chat as she unpacked a couple of boxes, since she clearly heard her daughter walking directly behind her. Yet, moments later, there is was again...that familiar silence. At this point, the Owner figured her daughter must have chosen to ignore her altogether. So, curiosity got the best of her and  she quickly asked with insistence, “Don’t you hear me talking to you?” But, there was no response. The Owner quickly turned around, only to discover that there was absolutely no one in the room with her. She was completely shocked and perplexed because she clearly heard distinct footsteps walking on the hard-wood floor and felt the presence of someone standing directly behind her from the entire time she left the kitchen and entered the window room. But clearly, there was no one there.

As the Owner struggled to make sense of what just happened, she yelled out to her daughter, “ Where are you?” Her daughter resounded, “Mom, I’m upstairs in my room.” Mrs. Quintero then asked in astonishment, “Were you not just down here talking to me?” Her daughter exclaimed, “Mom, I haven’t been downstairs since I left you in the kitchen ten minutes ago!” As she stood there in total disbelief, all her mind could fathom was, “If she wasn’t walking around the room with me, who was?” This was only just the beginning of many more bizarre encounters to come. 

Figures in the Windows

On a stormy winter night, the Quinteros heard the inexplicable sound of heavy boots walking across the front porch from left to right. As they glanced out the living room windows, they both heard the footsteps a second time walking in the opposite direction, as if someone was pacing back and forth. ImmediatelyMrs. Quintero looked at her husband with skepticism and asked, “You do hear those footsteps, right?” He readily admitted, “Yes I do.” The sound was so loud and close that it almost sounded like the sound was coming from inside the living room where they were sitting. As Mrs. Quintero focused her attention on where the sound was coming from, she clearly saw an image of a tall, dark shadow person standing in the corner of the side window.

There have been several instances where family members have witnessed figures in the windows looking back at them. In fact, windows and mirrors are believed to be a gateway of passage for spirits to travel from another realm into our world. Mr. Quintero recalls another time when he and his wife were resting comfortably on living room floor one evening. He heard three firm knocks on the window behind us. Since his wife was sound asleep, he said he tried shaking her awake, but she wouldn’t budge. So, he tried dismissing the noise, but heard the three taps a second time. Too afraid to turn around because he knew he would likely come face-to-face with a ghost, he decided to ignore the sounds and deliberately forced himself to go back to sleep. With tenacity, the presence knocked a third time, perhaps in a desperate and final attempt to get his attention. But, he was so scared that all he could do was lay there motionless and pretend to hear nothing, until he fell fast asleep from pure fright. 

The Commotion Upstairs

Another instance that occurred a few days after the Quinteros moved into Burleson House was after Mrs. Quintero had arranged the furniture in her daughter’s bedroom. Afterwards, she decided to venture downstairs to relax on the living room couch, which soon became her favorite down-time. But, at some point during the evening, her concentration was abruptly interrupted to the sound of furniture being dragged across the floor directly above her, which was in the vicinity of her daughter's room. At that moment, she remembered thinking that her daughter must not have liked the way she arranged the furniture and decided to change the placement to fit her own taste. “Oh well, I suppose that’s her prerogative,” she thought.  As she tried to refocus her attention on relaxation and enjoying the moment, she was disturbed yet again by the recurring sounds of heavy furniture dragging across the floor. It continued for what seemed like several minutes.

Realizing soon after that she hadn't actually gotten as much enjoyment from the preferred quiet time that evening as she anticipated, she decided to retire for the evening. So, she headed upstairs for bed, but not before stopping by her daughter's room to see what she had done to improve the overall layout, especially after the earlier commotion upstairs. When the Owner opened the door, her daughter was laying on the bed watching television and the room was in the exact same position that she had left it. Astonished and confused, she asked, “Weren’t you just up here rearranging furniture?” Her daughter replied, “No.” Clearly, she hadn’t from the look of the room. But, the Owner knew what she heard and she distinctly heard an undeniably loud commotion upstairs. There was no question it came from her daughter's room. Yet, nothing was out of place and it was all just as she had arranged it a few hours before. Quite often over time, so many strange happenings occurred in that room and it was not unusual to hear the sound of furniture being dragged across the floor upstairs in the attic and in that particular room. 

Once, a friend of the Owner's daughter, (who happens to be a sensitive), admitted that she awakened one night startled to find a dark-haired woman standing on the opposite side of the bed stroking her friend's hair as she slept. She described the woman as being extremely beautiful with dark, shoulder-length hair. But, the woman looked very sad, as though she was in mourning or grieving from loss. Her name is believed to be Anne or Annie. As time would tell, it was not the only spirit she observed in the home. The family quickly learned that there was undoubtedly a lot more to Burleson House than meets the eye.     

Little Juanito (The Ghost Child)

Once when Mr. Quintero’s sister-in-law Georgina spent the night in the upstairs bedroom with the kids, she awakened in the middle of the night startled to find several small ghost children in dingy, disheveled clothing standing above her nephew Matthew. Startled, she sat upright and screamed hysterically, and the kids quickly vanished before her eyes. She never spent the night in that room again. There was another time when one the adults were downstairs and they heard one of the children (Mario) playing upstairs with a ball. There was nothing peculiar about that, except that the child was apparently playing with ball with another child, whose voice they did not recognize. Clearly, there were two distinct voices of two boys talking and laughing, as the ball bounced and rolled across the floor. When the parents went upstairs to investigate, they found the child standing alone in the room. When Mario’s mother asked him who he was talking to, he replied, “Juanito.” She then asked, “Where is Juanito?” The boy exclaimed, “In the closet.” Knowing that there was no one in the closet and slightly startled, she asked, “Why don’t you and Juanito come downstairs to play?” Mario said, “He can’t. His mother will kill him.” The adults later learned that Juanito was a little 5 or 6 year old boy who was killed in the home by his mother. The closet must have been his hiding place to escape the abuse of his mother, or perhaps it was the very place that she ended his young life.

During another encounter, another family member (unaware of the ghost of Little Juanito) was washing dishes and happened to notice, as she stared out of the window, that her child was playing ball with an “imaginary” presence in the front yard.  She could clearly see her child rolling a ball in the direction (away from him), only to see the ball being rolled back in the opposite direction towards her son by an unseen figure. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her child was playing with a ghost child! Completely perplexed and frantic, she ran outside, grabbed the child, and placed the boy in the back seat of her car. As she quickly sped off, she caught a glimpse of her son in the rear-view mirror waving bye to the child they left behind. 

Burleson House also has a young spirit girl that resides on the property. Strange child-like fingerprints were even discovered inside the home near the ceiling hatch attic door. It is not known whether her spirit is tied to the house or the land. The presence of the little girl has also been seen peeking inside the front window and frolicking across the living room floor. Once when the Owner was pulling up in the driveway, she saw (out of the corner of her eye) the presence of a small child in a white, frilly dress standing next to the back corner of the house. To her surprise, her daughter looked at her in amazement and asked , “Did you see a little girl standing by the side of the house?” That was definitely validation for the Owner, because they both saw the exact same image of the apparition at the exact same point in time.  Recently, guests standing outside the home on the front porch one evening heard the sound of a little girl giggling. The guests were too frightened and spooked by the the occurence to stay any longer. 

The Sneeze

Once, the Owner was relaxing in the library, heavily medicated on allergy medication because of the extensive amount of pollen in the air. She found herself constantly sniffling and sneezing with seemingly no apparent relief. In fact, at one point, she bellowed out a loud sneeze, only to hear a female voice in the room reply, "Bless you." Startled, but choosing to totally disregard what she heard, she left the room momentarily to grab some tissue from the bathroom. When she returned, she sneezed again. But, this time, the sneeze was louder. Yet again, to her amazement, she heard the female voice respond again by saying, "Bless you."  The only thing for her to say at that point was, "Thank you?"  

Some believe that if you hear a ghost sneeze and someone says, "Bless you," it releases any negative spirits from the home. However, if someone replies with, "Thank you," it lets the negative spirits back in. Others even speculate that when you sneeze, a ghost has actually walked right through you. Whether it is factual, pure nonsense or simply superstition, the Owner is adamant that she heard the distinctive voice of another being in the room as clear as day. 

The photograph on the left is a picture of the Guest House located directly behind Burleson House on a perfectly clear night. Yet, the photo possesses a peculiar "spooky" element to it. 

The Doppelganger (Possession of Angel)

Doppelganger is the German term for double walker. In fiction and folklore, a doppelganger is referred to as a ghostly apparition or double of a living person. The theory behind a doppelganger is that everyone in the world has a double and only the person who has the doppelganger can see it. The appearance of a doppelganger is usually considered an omen or a sign of impending death. It is said that Queen Elizabeth saw her doppelganger shortly before she died. Some also regard the doppelganger as a harbinger of bad luck or a peculiar form of bi-location, which is essentially an individual that appears to be located in two distinct places at the same instant in time. Both Owners have seen their Doppelganger.  When the Owner, Mrs. Quintero, was a child, she was playing with a cousin in the park. At some point during child’s play, she happened to glance up at her cousin and saw her face looking back at me. To this day, Mrs. Quintero remembers how startling it felt at the time (in those quick seconds) to be staring into the face of her double. When she blinked to take a second look, it was the face of her cousin that appeared before her. Another instance in Burleson House, she was laying in bed and happened to look up to find her husband leaving the bedroom. She remembered asking, as he was closing the door behind him, “Where are you going?” He replied, “I’ll be back in a minute.” So, she rolled over and positioned herself to go back to sleep. But, almost jumped out of her skin, when she opened her eyes to find her husband sleeping soundly beside her. She knew she was not dreaming. In fact, she was wide awake when she saw him exit the room. That was the first time the Owner witnessed his doppelganger, among so many other times that followed. On several other occasions, her daughter also witnessed Mr. Quintero in one location, only to find him seconds later in completely different location on opposite sides of the house. 

When her husband lived in Mexico for a few years, he and his family were often plagued with strange ghostly occurrences in their home. He was only nineteen years old when he eloped with his twenty-two year old girlfriend against her parent’s wishes. As a condition from his mother-in-law for marrying her daughter, he was instructed to buy her a home for them to live.  After purchasing the home, almost immediately, strange things started to occur. They quickly learned that the homes in their area were built on the site where many deaths took place at the hands of the Mexican cartel. One afternoon, his wife was cooking in the kitchen.  As she prepared the meal, she watched her husband walk pass her shaking water from his hair, as though he had just stepped out of the upstairs shower. She continued to cook and watched him sit down in a rocking chair located on the opposite side of the room in front of the back door, which was wide open at the time. She also noticed his cat rolling over back and forth playfully on the floor in front of the rocking chair. She took her eyes off him for only a few seconds. When she looked up again, the rocking chair was moving freely back and forth, but her husband was no longer sitting in the chair. As she stood there stunned trying to process how he could have vanished before her eyes, she was even more startled to see her husband walk through the back door dirty from a hard day’s work. As he crossed the threshold into the house, he saw her and said, “I’m going upstairs to take a shower.” She yelled, “But you just came from the shower!” He replied, “What are you talking about? I’ve been working all day. I haven’t been in the house.” She immediately became frightened and loudly retorted, “Something is wrong!” 

Completely oblivious to what his wife was saying and only focused on getting clean, he proceeded upstairs to take a shower. Moments later, he stepped out of the shower and walked down the hallway to his bedroom, routinely shaking the water from his hair. As he approached the entrance, he was immediately stopped in his tracks when he noticed a male figure sitting on the edge of the bed. The presence slowly raised his head and looked straight into Mr. Quintero’s eyes. That was the moment he understood what his wife was trying to convey to him earlier. It was the realization that he was staring into the face of his doppelganger. Consumed with fear and completely bewildered by what he saw, he ran downstairs into the kitchen out of breathe and unable to speak. It was then that his wife said, “You saw it, didn’t you?” When he managed to form the words, he replied (minus a few profanities), “I just saw myself looking back at me!” Seeing the dark presence forced him and his wife to flee the home. During their escape, they were involved in a near-fatal car accident where the vehicle swerved and struck a tree. His wife suffered extensive wounds, including a broken collar bone. It is believed that the dark presence attached itself to him since he was a child, and  that it continues to follow him to this day. 

Handy Man Rex (The Ladder)

In the Summer of 2015, the owners hired a contractor, who they referred to as "Handy Man" Rex, to do some substantial repairs around the property.  On one particular Autumn afternoon, Rex was tasked with replacing a fallen air vent located near the top of the roof outside of the home.   He had ordered a ladder to perform the job, but it was too small to reach the top of the 2-story home.  So, in an effort to improvise, Handy Man Rex decided to drive his pickup truck directly beneath the vent. Then, he placed the ladder inside of the truck and proceeded to climb up the ladder in an effort to reach the top.  The ladder was obviously too short to reach the vent, but Rex was determined to make it work.  So as he struggled to place the vent back in place, he heard the distinct sound of a woman's voice saying, "Get down."  He looked around beneath him thinking that the owner was speaking to him from below.  But, there was no one there.  

So, he continued about his business when he heard the female voice emphatically resound, "You're going to fall."  He glanced around below him for a second time, and he even peered through the glass windows located directly  in front of him to see if the owner was speaking to him from inside of the home.  But, again, there was absolutely no one in sight.  At this point, he became a little spooked, especially since he had just saw the owner's daughter pull out of the driveway moments before, and the owner had been gone for several hours. Yet, in spite of the strange occurrences, he convinced himself that someone else had to be inside of the home that he was not aware of.  

He proceeded to make one final attempt to reach the vent as quickly as he could when he heard the sound of 3 undeniable taps on the window in front of him, followed by the sound of the female voice incessantly pleading, "Get down or you're going to fall!"  It was at that point that he realized  he had no other option than to get down off the ladder before he fell.  Perhaps, this was the female spirit in the home known for sending warnings when she felt someone on the property was in danger; and she merely wanted to prevent an unexpected casualty, (just as she had done for the owners on numerous occasions). Handy Man Rex realized that it was probably best to wait until he could bring a more sizable ladder to complete the job before he risked his life by falling to his death.